about me!

I grew up in a Pawleys Island, SC borrowing surfboards on the beach and eventually teaching myself to surf with my older brother's boards. I taught myself to surf when I was 14 after my older brother took his life. I wanted to continue to share a connection with him. I found that I could continue to connect with him by dropping into a wave or paddling out during a hurricane swell. Since I first paddled out, I caught the stoke and haven't stopped!

Personally, surfing has been my therapy, gym membership and community all in one. 10+ years of surfing has influenced my way of life. Throughout every season, job or school semester, I have squeezed surfing into my schedule. Despite the lack of women in the water or my 9-5 office job I have always made time to paddle out. Because of this, I want to make surfing accessible to others!


We will be in touch soon.